OutdoorMaster Portable Pop Up Tent: A Professional Review

The outdoors beckons with fresh air, sweeping vistas, and endless possibility for adventure. Yet the call of the wild remains unanswered for some due to the hassle of tents. Wrestling with poles, fumbling with fasteners, and struggling with sagging nylon takes the joy out of a relaxing weekend away.

OutdoorMaster feels your pain. That’s why they engineered the easy-breezy, no muss no fuss pop up tent. This portable shelter pops open in just seconds. Simply release it from its circular carrying case and watch it spring into a spacious, fully freestanding sanctuary.

We’ll give the nitty-gritty details on the OutdoorMaster pop up so you can decide if it suits your next backpacking, camping, festival, or beach trip. We’ll highlight the pros and cons, best uses, important features, and frequently asked questions. Just don’t blame us if this self-erecting tent woos you into more weekends in nature’s playground.

OutdoorMaster Pop Up Features and Benefits

Before deciding if the OutdoorMaster pop up fills your outdoor shelter needs, let’s unpack its winning and wanting features. Here’s a top-level list:


  • Pops open and folds closed in seconds
  • Roomy interior with 4’11” center height
  • Lighter weight and smaller packed size than dome tents
  • UV resistant PU3000mm polyester resists rain
  • Full mesh ceiling enhances views and ventilation
  • Electrical port access and interior pockets


  • Not built to withstand high winds or snow
  • Size limits sleeping capacity to 2 or 3 people
  • Not tall enough to stand up straight for some users

Ideal Uses for the Pop Up Tent

The OutdoorMaster tent works fabulously to meet many outdoor adventures, though falls short for extreme weather or large groups. Here are the best applications for this portable pop up shelter:

Beach Days and Sunny Camping Trips

Thanks to built-in UV protection and ample mesh panels that allow cooling breezes, the OutdoorMaster hits a homerun for a day at the beach or lake. Use it as a hub to dock all your stuff while you play, then slip inside later for an afternoon siesta. The white fabric helps maintain cooler conditions inside. And don’t sweat kicking sand inside … a quick shake outside air dries the tent after use.

The OutdoorMaster also brings convenience and comfort to family camping trips during warmer months. Pop it up lakeside for a shady spot to swim and snack all day long. The built-in electrical port lets you safely run a fan or battery pack too. When it’s time for bed, it has room enough for two adults and a small child.

Festivals & Tailgating Gatherings

Create your own hassle-free hub at summer music festivals, sporting events, or backyard barbeques with the OutdoorMaster pop up. Claim your space by popping it open faster than you can gather your gang and your gear. The open sides and mesh roof make it feel airy rather than claustrophobic when you’re chilling inside. Multiple interior pockets let you corral keys, wallets, and other essentials in one place rather than losing them in the grass.

Emergency Shelter & Backup Option

Though not built for extreme weather, the OutdoorMaster provides reliable backup shelter from summer thunderstorms or unexpected winds at the campground or beach. The 3000mm polyester stands up to moderate rainfall, though sustained heavy precipitation will cause leaking. If worse comes to worst during a day hike or bike trip gone awry, the tent creates welcome refuge until help arrives or the storm passes. Its bright color also aids visibility for search and rescue.

Key Features and Specifications

From its umbrella-style setup to built-in power hookup, the OutdoorMaster pop up overflows with well-designed details. Let’s outline the can’t-miss features:

  • Umbrella popup mechanism erects tent in seconds
  • Circular carry case doubles as baseplate for freestanding structure
  • 190T UV-resistant polyester with PU 3000mm coating
  • Full mesh ceiling for stargazing and ventilation
  • Interior height: 4’11” (150 cm); Center area: 56” x 47”
  • Electrical access port keeps devices powered
  • 4 storage pockets; 2 shoe pockets
  • Fire-retardant, anti-mildew, CPAI-84 certified fabrics
  • Packed weight: 7.7 lbs; Packed size: 23” x 7”
  • 1-year limited warranty

The Beauty of a Pop Up Design

So what exactly makes the OutdoorMaster popped up instead of traditional setup? The secret lies in its spring-loaded collapsible frame, much like a compact patio umbrella. Concentrically wrapped telescoping poles remain compressed by Velcro bands when packed. Simply unfasten the bands and the coil wants to release, mechanically erecting the vertical supports and pulling open the tent canopy. Hinge joints give it some flex to prevent snapping.

When closing, reversing the process causes the segments to telescope inwards as pressure on the top forces the coil down into its stacked position. It takes a bit of muscle power, much like forcing a patio umbrella shut during heavy winds. This up-down mechanical design allows quick open-air shelter without the hassle of shock-corded poles.

Setting Up Camp in Seconds Watching

The OutdoorMaster pop up for the first time feels like magic. But the setup process follows just a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a flat site clear of rocks, branches, and other puncture hazards and lay the carry case flat.
  2. Unbuckle the perimeter straps and remove the tent inside.
  3. Toss the tent a short distance away from the bag, upwind if breezy.
  4. Undo the Velcro compression straps to release the popup mechanism.
  5. Step back as poles spring upwards and canopy billows open.
  6. Secure the corners once fully opened with stake loops and anchors.
  7. Done! Now relax inside your instant outdoor oasis.

Repeat the process in reverse to collapse and store it away just as quickly. The secret lies in allowing the coil to fully relax open, then gradually applying downward tension to enable its collapse.

Care and Maintenance Best Practices

The OutdoorMaster withstands typical wear and tear well, but benefits from basic care for longevity:

  • Shake off exterior to remove debris before packing
  • Fully air dry if wet before storage to prevent mildew
  • Extend lifespan by applying UV protectant spray
  • Check for small rips or holes and apply adhesive patches to repair
  • Collapse slowly with two people to avoid frame damage
  • Store loosely packed in carry case to allow materials to breathe

With proper care, the OutdoorMaster lasts for 1-3 years of typical recreational use. Signs it may need replacing include broken coil segments, irreparable fabric tears, or mildew odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people fit comfortably?

The tent sleeps 2-3 adults maximum, with floor dimensions of 84 x 56 inches. Two people have ample space for sleeping pads and gear, while three adults fit snugly wall-to-wall.

What about bad weather?

The OutdoorMaster stands up moderately well to typical rain showers but cannot withstand extreme wind or snow loads. Storm flaps help block sidewalk spray. For multi-day trips, consider a heavier canvas tent or separate rain fly to use in foul weather.

Can it be used on the beach?

Yes! The UV resistant fabric provides ample sun protection for beach days. The vented roof prevents excess heat buildup inside. Just be sure to fully shake sand off the tent exterior before packing it up to leave the beach.

Does the floor leak during ground moisture?

Some users report that ground moisture can wet gear placed directly on the floor. We recommend bringing separate plastic ground sheets or front country camping pads inside the tent as added moisture protection.

How long does setup/takedown take?

Once you get the practice, opening and closing each take just 60-90 seconds once unpacked. Cinching down the corners adds another 1-2 minutes.

Do I need a separate rain fly?

That depends on the climate where you camp and length of trip. The PU 3000mm coated polyester sheds a reasonable amount of moisture. But exposure to sustained heavy rainfall will lead to interior leakage. Adding a separate lightweight rain fly creates an extra moisture barrier for multi-day trips.

The Moment of Truth: Is This Pop Up Tent For You?

If hassling with tent poles seems about as enjoyable as a rainstorm on the trail, then the OutdoorMaster offers a fine lightweight alternative to dome tents. Its umbrella-style popup mechanism makes open-air shelter as easy as opening a bag of chips.

Yet its basic design does involve some performance tradeoffs. Serious backpackers needing sturdy storm-worthiness and multi-person capacity will want a heavier canvas tent with full rainfly. And tall or claustrophobic campers may long for more headroom than its 4’11” peak height.

Within those limits though, the OutdoorMaster Pop Up portable tent serves up spacious, breezy shelter for 2-3 friends perfect for bluebird camping days, summer concerts, beach getaways, and backyard bashes. Let us know if you have any other questions about this summer game-changing gadget for instant shade and shelter wherever your sunny travels lead!


My name is Evelyn and I started Camping The Camp to combine my love of the outdoors with my background in environmental science. I hope you’ll find helpful as you discover the joys of camping. It’s more than a weekend trip - it’s a chance to disconnect from devices, reconnect with loved ones, and make memories to last a lifetime

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