Sun-Lite Campers: Lightweight and Affordable Camping

Hitting the open road in a recreational vehicle allows you to bring the comforts of home along on your adventures. But not everyone wants or needs a massive motorhome. For some travelers, a compact, lightweight camper is the perfect option. If you’re in the market for a camper that’s easy to tow and loaded with features, the Sun Lite range of lightweight trailers should be at the top of your list. Keep reading to learn all about these fantastic little campers and why they make travel more fun.

What is Sun-Lite Campers?

Summer is just around the corner, and that means road trip season is almost here! For many families and outdoor enthusiasts, there’s no better way to spend the warm weather months than traveling around the country in a recreational vehicle. RVing allows you to explore the open road while still enjoying creature comforts like home-cooked meals, your own bed, and a bathroom. But driving a massive motorhome or fifth wheel trailer doesn’t appeal to everyone. That’s where lightweight campers come in.

What is Sun-Lite Campers
What is Sun-Lite Campers

Sun Lite campers offer RV convenience and comfort in a scaled-down, easy to tow package. These small but mighty trailers provide everything you need for camping in style, without the hassle of maneuvering a huge rig. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best features and floor plans available in Sun Lite’s line of lightweight trailers. Whether you’re a road trip pro or just starting out with RVing, Sun Lite has the perfect compact camper for your next adventure.

The Sun Lite Advantage

Sun Lite has been manufacturing excellent lightweight travel trailers since 1968. The company is located in Elkhart, Indiana, the RV capital of the world, and they constantly strive to improve their products and set the bar for quality in lightweight camping. Some key advantages Sun Lite offers over competitors include:

  • Higher-quality construction – laminated walls and fiberglass exterior panels make them more durable than some ultra-light campers.
  • Generous interior living space, thanks to innovative floorplans. Some models feel much roomier than their dimensions suggest.
  • Lots of windows and skylights for excellent ventilation and views from inside.
  • Plenty of storage space for extended trips.
  • Responsive dealers with excellent customer service reputations.

When you purchase a Sun Lite camper, you can hit the road with confidence knowing you’ve invested in a well-built, thoughtfully designed trailer backed by first-rate support.

Top Features of Sun Lite Campers

So what exactly makes Sun Lite travel trailers stand out? Here are some of the best features that set them apart from the competition:

Fiberglass Exterior 

Unlike many lightweight campers that use aluminum siding, Sun Lite models are constructed with durable fiberglass exterior panels. This material is dent and corrosion resistant, keeping your camper looking great even after years of adventure.

Laminated Construction 

Laminated walls provide strength, improved insulation, and protection from leaks that you won’t find on older or cheaper campers. Sun Lite laminates aluminum framing between fiberglass on the exterior and interior wall paneling.

LED Lighting 

Energy efficient LED lights are used throughout the interior, reducing power draw and keeping the camper bright without producing excess heat.

Spacious Floorplans 

Well-designed layouts make the most of Sun Lite’s small footprints, providing comfortable living and sleeping spaces. Some models can sleep up to seven!

Large Windows 

Frameless windows with rounded corners give Sun Lite trailers an airy, modern feel while providing panoramic views and ample light throughout the living area.

Convertible Dinette 

Many floorplans feature dinettes that quickly convert into a bed, providing additional sleeping capacity and multifunctional space.

Dry Bath Option 

Some models can be equipped with a space-saving dry bath that contains the toilet and a separate shower stall. This provides privacy and avoids a cramped, combined bath arrangement.

Roof Vents 

Multiple roof vents allow excellent airflow and reduce humidity and condensation.

USB Ports 

USB charging ports conveniently located in the kitchen and bedrooms allow you to keep devices powered up and ready to use.

Just a few of these excellent features make Sun Lite travel trailers stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to learn more about the unique floor plans available.

Learn More About Individual Sun Lite Models

Sun Lite offers an array of lightweight trailer models, suiting the needs of couples, families, and groups. Ranging from 17 to 26 feet in length and 3,500 to 5,200 pound dry weights, there’s a Sun Lite camper optimized for practically any tow vehicle. Here’s a preview of some of their most popular models:

Individual Sun Lite Models
Individual Sun Lite Models

Eagle Travel Trailers

The Eagle lineup includes Sun Lite’s most compact and lightweight options, with dry weights under 3,000 pounds. Eagles provide comfortable camping amenities while remaining easy to tow, maneuver, and afford. Available floorplans include:

  • 16RB: The smallest Eagle, weighing just 2,500 pounds. Still provides a roomy interior with a front bedroom, central kitchen, and convertible dinette. Sleeps 3-4.
  • 17FQB: Front queen bed layout with a rear kitchen/living area. Dry bath optimizes space. Sleeps 2-3.
  • 19FB: An extra two feet of length allows a permanent rear bedroom while retaining the front kitchen design. Sleeps 4.

Trillium Travel Trailers

Trillium models expand on the Eagle lineup with additional floorplans, a dry weight range of 3,500-4,500 pounds, and sleeping for up to 7. These family-friendly units provide even more livability, though they remain easy to tow with properly equipped SUVs, trucks, or vans. Popular models include:

  • 23FB: Spacious front bedroom with rear kitchen/living room. Up to 5 sleeping spaces.
  • 26BHS: Corner double bed suite and bunk beds provide sleeping for up to 7. Central kitchen/lounge area.
  • 26RBS: Large rear corner bedroom with impressive master suite feel thanks to two entry doors.

Campfire Travel Trailers

The Campfire series lets you bring along luxuries with total dry weights ranging from 4,600 to 5,200 pounds. Family-oriented floorplans allow comfortable camping for groups while the fiberglass exterior and laminated construction keep maintenance easy. Options include:

  • 21FBC: A boutique-style camper with a corner double bed and convertible dinette ideal for 2-4 people. Full-wall slide out expands the living space.
  • 25FBS: Family-oriented with a front bedroom/rear bunk layout. Dry bath and massive pass-through storage. Sleeps up to 7.
  • 26FBS: Similar front bedroom/rear bunk floorplan as the 25FBS but with a larger 26’ length. An expandable sofa allows sleeping space for up to 9.

Why do you Choose Sun Lite Pop-up Truck campers?

Here is a table outlining some of the key reasons to choose a Sun Lite pop-up truck camper:

Reason Description
Lightweight Typically weigh 1500-2000 lbs. Easy for compact/midsize trucks.
Compact Size Short and narrow to fit small truck beds. Good maneuverability.
Affordable Price Pop-up campers cost much less than other RVs. Great value.
Amenities Kitchen, bed, bathroom provide comforts of home.
Headroom Pop-up roof increases interior height when set up.
Ventilation Lots of windows and roof vents.
Easy Set-Up Quickly pops up for use. Folds down for travel.
Truck Integration Designed specifically for truck bed installation.
Fuel Economy Lightweight improves mileage compared to larger RVs.
Off-Road Capability Truck base allows better access to remote areas.

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Benefits of Sun-Lite Campers

Here is a table outlining some of the key benefits of Sun-Lite campers:

Benefit Description
Lightweight Easy to tow with smaller vehicles. Expands towing and travel options.
Affordable Lower cost than larger RVs. Good value for money.
Amenities Kitchen, bathroom, sleeping areas provide home comforts.
Durability Quality construction and materials made to last.
Customizable Various floorplans and interior options to suit different needs.
Fuel Efficient Lower fuel costs compared to bigger motorhomes.
Community Join rallies and meetups with other owners around the world.
Resale Value Strong brand recognition helps retain value when reselling.
Support Strong dealer network provides service and support.

    Sun-Lite Camper or Mini Travel Trailers’ Rental Cost

    Renting a Sun-Lite camper or mini travel trailer offers a flexible and affordable way to hit the open road. Sun-Lite produces a variety of camper and trailer models to fit different needs. Rental costs typically range from $50 to $200 per night. Exact rental rates depend on the size of the rig and length of your trip. Smaller pop-up truck campers and trailers accommodate 2-4 people and are on the lower end of the price range. Larger trailers with more amenities and sleeping capacity are more expensive.

    Most rental companies offer weekly and monthly discounts, so longer trips can be very cost effective. When selecting your rental, be sure to consider factors like sleeping space, kitchen facilities, toilet and shower configurations. With Sun-Lite’s range of rigs, you can find the perfect rental to suit your road trip on any budget.

    Toilet Facilities in Sun lite or RV camper

    Toilet facilities are an essential consideration when selecting a Sun Lite camper or RV. Space and convenience may be limited compared to home bathrooms. Yet having an on-board toilet adds great freedom and flexibility while traveling.

    Sun Lite offers campers with both wet bath and dry bath layouts. Wet baths combine the toilet and shower in one compact space. Dry baths separate them into a dedicated toilet room and shower stall. This adds privacy and management of odors.

    No matter the bathroom configuration, be ready for more frequent cleaning and emptying of waste tanks. But that small effort pays off in the convenience of having a toilet while journeying to beautiful destinations. With a little adaptation, the toilet facilities in campers and RVs provide the comforts of home on the road.

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    How to Choose the Right Sun-Lite Camper

    With a wide range of models to choose from, selecting the perfect Sun-Lite camper for your needs requires some thoughtful consideration. Keeping your camping style, budget, vehicle, and must-have features in mind will help you zero in on the right camper for unforgettable road trips and weekends away.

    Assess Your Camping Style

    First, reflect on how you plan to use your Sun-Lite camper. Do you envision long cross-country journeys or short weekend getaways? Will you frequent developed campgrounds or boondock off-grid? Determining your camping style will inform what size, amenities, and off-road capabilities your ideal camper requires. If you plan on extended trips off the beaten path, lean towards more self-sufficient, rugged models.

    Evaluate Your Tow Vehicle

    An important factor in choosing a camper is ensuring your towing vehicle is rated to handle the load. Carefully check the vehicle’s tow rating to determine the maximum weight you can pull. Heavier floor plans with more robust construction and amenities may require a truck or large SUV. You’ll also want to consider the camper’s length and width to ensure stable towing and maneuvering.

    Set Your Budget

    Sun-Lite offers options ranging from affordable, no-frills models to luxurious campers loaded with features. Set a firm budget for your purchase as well as ongoing costs like fuel, insurance, maintenance, and camp fees. Include must-have features in your budget but avoid upgrades that stretch your spending limit.

    Prioritize Features

    Finally, decide which features are essential to your camping enjoyment. For example, an outdoor chef may require a larger kitchen while road trippers need ample storage. Families should consider bunk beds and convertible dinette sleeping capacities. Make sure to get the floor plan, amenities, and capacities you require while avoiding unnecessary add-ons.

    Pros and Cons of Sun-Lite Campers

    Here is a table comparing some pros and cons of different Sun-Lite camper models:

    Model Pros Cons
    Sun-Lite Eagle Compact size, lightweight, affordable price Less interior space, fewer amenities
    Sun-Lite Classic Durable, ample storage, comfortable sleeping May be heavy for some vehicles
    Sun-Lite Grand Commander Spacious layout, full kitchen and bath More expensive, requires larger vehicle
    Sun-Lite Travel Trailers Spacious interiors, full amenities, flexible towing More expensive, less maneuverable

    In summary:

    • Eagles are the most compact, lightweight, and budget-friendly
    • Classics offer durability and storage with a non-slide truck camper design
    • Grand Commanders maximize interior space but require bigger vehicles
    • Travel trailers provide interior room with flexible towing options

    What are the features of Sun-Lite Campers? 

    Here are some key features of Sun Lite campers in a table format:

    Feature Description
    Fiberglass exterior panels More durable and dent-resistant than aluminum siding used on some lightweight campers.
    Laminated construction Laminated walls are stronger and provide better insulation compared to single sheet materials.
    LED interior lighting Energy efficient and cool running.
    Large windows Provide excellent views and ventilation. Many are frameless with rounded corners.
    Convertible dinettes Quickly convert into additional sleeping spaces.
    Dry bath option Separate toilet room and shower stall in some floorplans to optimize space.
    Roof vents Allow fresh air circulation and moisture control.
    USB ports Conveniently located to charge devices.
    Innovative floorplans Well-designed layouts maximize living space given the small overall size.
    Lightweight but durable Dry weights from 2,500-5,200 lbs makes them easy to tow and maneuver.
    Air conditioning Standard ducted AC units keep the interior cool.

    How do I maintain and care for my Sun-Lite Camper? 

    Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for your Sun-Lite Camper in a table format:

    Task Description Frequency
    Cleaning Clean interior surfaces, sanitize bathroom, wash bedding. Use RV-appropriate cleaners. After each trip
    Inspecting seals Check door, window, and other seals for any tears, cracks, or deterioration. Reseal as needed. Before each trip
    Checking appliances Test refrigerator, stove, furnace, AC unit, and other appliances for proper operation. Before each trip
    Inspecting exterior Look for damage, cracks, leaks on exterior panels, seams, windows. Repair as needed. Monthly
    Winterizing Drain water lines, add RV antifreeze, close vents. Follow manufacturer winterizing guide. Before winter storage
    Storing Clean thoroughly, cover windows, disconnect batteries, rodent-proof. Keep stored in shade. During off-season
    Maintaining tires Check tire pressure and tread wear. Rotate tires. Monthly
    Lubricating parts Lube locks, hinges, leveling jacks. Annually
    Checking propane Inspect tanks, valves, lines for leaks/damage. Get tanks refilled. Monthly

    Common Sun Lite Camper FAQs

    What’s the total length and height?

    Sun Lite campers range from 16 to 26 feet in length. Heights vary by model but are typically around 9.5 to 10 feet. This allows comfortable headroom inside while remaining aerodynamic and easy to maneuver.

    How much do they weigh?

    Dry weights range from just 2,500 pounds on the smallest Eagle model up to 5,200 pounds on the largest Campfire layout. This keeps them at very reasonable towing weights for properly equipped vehicles.

    Can I customize the interior?

    Sun Lite allows you to choose from a few different interior décor styles to match your tastes. Most standard features are consistent across models, but you can request some minor layout modifications through your dealer if ordering a new camper.

    What about off-road use?

    With their fiberglass exteriors, laminated construction, and lightweight nature, Sun Lite campers are better equipped to venture off the pavement than some competitors. Just be sensible based on the capabilities of your tow vehicle.

    How is the quality and durability?

    As an experienced manufacturer, Sun Lite has a reputation for building trailers to last. Their laminated and fiberglass materials are more resistant to leaks, cracks, and exterior damage than cheaper models using roll-form aluminum and vinyl siding.

    Is air conditioning included?

    Yes, ducted roof-mounted air conditioning units come standard on all Sun Lite travel trailers. Higher-end units typically have a 13,500 BTU system while smaller campers include a 9,000 BTU AC.


    For your next road trip getaway or weekend outdoor excursion, go lightweight and fun with a Sun Lite travel trailer. These well-designed campers offer the amenities of larger RVs in a scaled-down, easy to handle package. Just select the floorplan that suits your needs, hitch it up, and escape for adventures in comfort.

    To learn more about Sun Lite and find a dealer near you, visit their website at https://sunlitetrailers.com. Get in touch with their helpful sales team to get your questions answered as you dream up your perfect small camper. If you’re ready to make the investment in memories that will last a lifetime, a Sun Lite camper is the way to go.


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